Heritage Elementary PTO Meeting Minutes Tuesday, January 24, 2017, 6:30 pm
Heritage Elementary Library
Board Members:
Angela Ward Jessie Cunningham Tonya Sorrels
Laura Betz    
Scott McFarland Jana Willett Jan Hill
Ember Trubin    
The PTO president, Angela, called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm. 
Event Review
Donuts with Dads:
Event went well and having the teachers/staff in the downstairs gym worked really well. Had a lot of donuts leftover because most were only taking one donut instead of two. Donated the leftover doughnuts to the police department and fire stations.  Had 15 dads sign up for Watch Dogs.Scott will send out the link for the next Watch Dogs sign up. Tonya and Jessie also shared on our FB pages.
Upcoming Events:
Swim Night – Friday, January 27th
Lifeguards are confirmed and have snacks ready to sell. PTO needs to arrive 10/15 minutes early to set up.  Tonya will check with the pool POC about tables and what the pool capacity is.  Scott will plan to bring two tables just in case they are needed. Angela suggested brining the popcorn machine.
The following reminders will be posted on FB: (1) Bring lifejackets if your children need them (there will not be any available at the pool to use); (2) Parents must stay the entire time their children are swimming; (3) Piggy Bank priced snacks will be available for sale; (4) Doors will not open before 6 PM; (5) Suggest brining a lawn chair, as seating will be limited in the pool area.  Jana will also send email to the teachers asking them to send out these reminders as well as the flyer.
Teacher Dinner – Wednesday, February 8th
Olive Garden has donated salad, breadsticks and pasta.  Angela will pick up the food and deliver to the school.  We will need a sign up for drinks, eating utensils, and desserts. Jessie will create the signup to be emailed out and posted on our FB pages.
Valentine’s Day Parties – Tuesday, February 14th
Angela will send out reminder for the party.  Parties start at 2:45. Include reminder to try to include healthy snacks (fruit/veggies).
Movie Night – Friday, February 24th
Verbiage to be printed on the envelopes needs to be finalized and ready to be sent to the printer by Monday, February 6th.  Envelopes need to be sent home on to go home on Friday, February 17th.  Per the email exchange after the meeting concluded, the movies for February movie night will be: Secret Life of Pets, Storks, and Kubo and the Two Strings.  Ember will bring in her copy of Pets, Laura will bring in her copy of Storks and Jessie will bring in her copy of Kubo.
Movies from previous movie nights:
December: BFG, Finding Dory, Ice Age
November: The Good Dinosaur, Zootopia, The Jungle Book
Yearbook Deadline – Wednesday, March 1st
The group class pictures will be taken with spring pictures that will be used for the yearbooks.  Tonya & Ember looking for candid shots of each class/grade from field trips, activities in their class, etc. to include min the yearbook. Scott and Jana will send request to teachers and staff to email any pictures to Tonya by March 1st. Scott indicated that Jay has some and will request sending the pictures to Tonya.
Cotton Candy – Friday, March 3rd
Will need to have some made for the AM kindergarten class. Need volunteers to help make it.  Jessie and Laura both indicated they could assist. Will need to post a FB message on/around March 1st, as well as have the teachers provide a reminder.
Fun Fair – Saturday, April 8th
Will scheduled a separate committee meeting on a Wednesday night - either 1/25 or 2/1. 
New Business & Announcements
Picture Day is Wednesday, February 1st.  Tonya will ask for volunteers on FB, since the rest of the PTO is unavailable to assist. Need to determine schedule for class group pictures and will utilize a backdrop for the class pictures instead of the mural in the cafeteria.
Box tops – we need to do another push for end of February since serval will likely have March 1st on the expiration date.  Jessie will pick up by February 24th.
Discussed possibility of co-funding new basketball hoops for the playground.  Cost is $1000 each and request is for 2 new hopes.  Board members agreed to fund.
Teachers have requested stability chairs, yoga balls, bean bags and other type of comfy chairs for the classroom.  Jessie mentioned PTO going to cargo largo store (has an entire teacher section) to check what they have to determine what PTO might be able to cover. Jana indicated a grant has been requested.
Treasure’s Report:
Donuts with Dads: 320 people paid for donuts. We ordered 65 dozen donuts.
We are $7649 in the black for the year!  Have spent approximately $2500 on field trips so far this year, with another estimated $3k to cover this year’s remaining trips.
Principals Report:
Nothing reported.
Meeting Adjourned: 7:25 pm
Next PTO Meeting: February 21, 2017 6:30 pm Heritage Library